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Branding, Design, Illustration

S T R A T E G I C   C R E A T I V E

Creative director Metta Chase offers mix of vision, leadership, design and business development by positioning enduring consumer brands through strategic design, and wild artistry.



cannabis    music    food & beverage    entertainment    fine art



brand strategy    creative direction    design    illustration    marketing    production


Growing a new brand is like growing a plant. To flower and reach the consumer, the brand needs to be carefully nurtured with a clear strategy, while the details of logo, packaging, and marketing are tended to with creativity and enthusiasm. As creative director for Cannaverse Solutions, I feel like a farmer of farmers, helping the pioneers of this new industry flower into their full potential.


As both an artist and a musician, I am fascinated by the interplay of sound and vision. Melodies conjure moods from deep within us. Instruments have "texture." Lyrics and titles often spark images. The joy of  illustrating an album or poster is in surrendering to the music and discovering what forms it evokes.

Pop Culture

With more than15 years experience designing, illustrating and art directing graphics for licensed consumer products in the entertainment industry, I've worked on iconic brands like MTV, Nintendo, The Simpsons, as well as cult favorites including Adventure Time. It's taught me how to extend brands beyond the obvious and make them personal. By combining trend research, humor, and my technical skills, I create graphics that connect directly with the fans, keeping brands fresh and relevant.

This process translates to your consumer product or marketing campaign.

food and drink

Working with a restaurant or brewery is highly collaborative as the chef/brew master is driven by their own vision. It's my role to distill that vision, balance it with flavors of history, tradition, and character to serve an appetizing visual experience. If the eyes are tempted, the mouth waters.


My illustrations demonstrate an essential part of my process as a thinker and creative director.  I summon visual ideas from within and capture them directly on the page or screen.  Using my training at RISD as a painter, I apply my expertise with space, color, and form to best express whatever style your project needs.


These meditations in line and ink are a personal exploration inspired by nature encircling my home.


Like the alchemists of old, I bring together a wide range of skills, knowledge and interests to create transformative experiences.

This drew me to regulated cannabis, where I am transforming passionate start-ups into the gold-standard of tomorrow. With proven success as the creative director for Cannaverse Solutions, and founder my own cannabis brand, Alchemy Jane, my multi-disciplinary approach gives me a unique set of tools to guide new brands from initial strategy through to successful market launch and beyond. 

Working directly with clients all over the country, I provide a variety of services including brand identity, packaging, interior design, web design, marketing, advertising, and production consultation. 

While directing all aspects of art and design, I manage an internal staff, a network of freelancers, oversee production and drive new business in this fast-paced, growing industry. I love bridging these worlds: helping cannabis grow from a regional specialty to a global consumer product. 

For 15 years at Changes, I created iconic consumer product campaigns for Nintendo, The Walking Dead, Xbox, The Simpson's, MTV and many more cultural category-defining brands. I continue to create graphics for style guides and brand extensions in the music, entertainment, food and beverage industries. 

The products I develop sell at all tiers of retail from direct-to-consumer through the mid and mass market. This gives me a strategic understanding of consumer trends and habits while constantly sharpening my skills as a designer. 


Whether I'm building a cannabis brand, marketing a TV show, or creating art, I strive to enrich the end consumer by creating an emotional experience with the product. I believe in the power of good cannabis, music, food, entertainment, and art to uplift our lives.


Let's transform your project into gold.



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