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personal projects

Playing with sticks, building objects, and working with physical materials, helps me as a designer. 

The Nest

I built a twenty foot stick house in our back yard. It's a great place to spend the full moon.

Costumes and Masks

Halloween provides the perfect incentive for me to make sculpture, new materials and new characters. I enjoy creating costumes that push my imagination and engage the imagination of my children. 

These were made out of cardboard and paper mache.

The Ent

I admit, the tree costume was an excuse to use stilts - which are surprisingly transformative. You become an instant celebrity parading around in stilts. The mask and fingers are made from cushion foam, carved with a turkey knife and sealed with spray rubber sealant. 

The T-Rex

Last year Oliver wanted to be a T-Rex skeleton.

I made the mask out of paper mache and painted bones onto black clothes. The tail is made from foam and wire. Some of the teeth have been knocked out in lost in the last year

The Elves

These first drawings represent some of what I'm exploring with my personal art.

The following drawings were for specific projects or clients.

Drawings with Watercolor

This is a favorite technique. I begin with a drawing and then add watercolor either digitally or with paint.

Licensed character
Licensed Characters

With the popularity of chips, there's been a new demand for cartoony versions of serious characters.

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